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Step-free access. Toilets are fully accessible. Please follow signage and indicate you are here for Pint of Science when ordering food and drink.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7.00 pm
Event 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
The Drapers Lounge, 17 Godward Square, Bethnal Green,
London E1 4FZ
Imagine the Future where you don’t need to visit a clinic for your routine health check-ups. Sounds unrealistic or even mad to you? After the covid era everybody knows how to self-sample, so why not bringing other tests home? Come and learn how it already became possible for cancer screening!

And now imagine the Past where all Myths and Legends came true and were scientifically explained. Did you ever think that you may have a giant’s genes? Or that you could be a 5th generation witch? Come to listen a cool story how Science proved that the Irish Giants from the Past are still among us!

DIY cancer screening test at home

Dr Belinda Nedjai (Senior Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology and Epigenetic)
What if I tell you that you can do a simple yet highly sensitive test at home for early detection of cancer? I have developed a DIY smear test able to detect women with high-risk human papilloma virus, which made home self-sampling a reality. The implementation of this technology will increase uptake and reduce costs for the cervical cancer screening programmes. It’s empowering women and it’s a game changer for NHS!

The science behind the legends of the Irish giants

Professor Márta Korbonits (Professor in Endocrinology and Deputy Director of the William Harvey Research Institute)
Do you believe in legends? This time you should. We have identified the genetic basis of the legend of the Irish Giants and found their descendants living among us! Join me on the path of discovery from a crazy idea to patients finding their roots and understanding why do they ‘stick out’.

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