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Sex, Bugs & Border Control

Past event - 2017
25 Oct Doors 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
The York Tavern 1 Leicester Street,
Norwich NR2 2AS
Sold Out!
Would insects have chosen BREXIT? Tiny creatures master their own destiny by making BIG choices. Join expert scientists to discover the ins and outs of insect mate choice, insect social networking and how they find food. Learn how researchers are discovering that these behaviours are flexible and ensure amazing, unparalleled adaptation to almost any environment. Come and find out if it is possible to gain back control of your garden borders. 

Fatal Attraction

Dr Adi Kliot (Research Scientist at the John Innes Centre )
Everyone needs a little bit of love in their life. The question is: can we exploit this to protect our crops from insect pests? The answer is yes!
From Hermaphrodites to female-only societies, insects have it all. Come hear about the secret love life of flies, wasps, moths and spiders and learn what we do to turn this love lethal!

Power of plasticity: lessons from aphids

Dr Yazhou Chen (Research Scientist at the John Innes Centre)
Wellies and an umbrella or shorts and sandals? We often have to make the right decisions to correctly adjust to our environment. So do aphids! These tiny insects can survive and flourish on various plant hosts and can become resistant to insecticides -much to our frustration! The wisdom of aphids is in their plasticity. In this talk, Dr Yazhou Chen will explore the aphid’s wisdom with you.