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Sound and vision

Level access to the venue.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-9.30pm
The Holt Cafe, 156 Arundel Street,
Sheffield S1 4RE
Join us and learn how your health can benefit from 'blowing your own horn', and take a closer look at eye-alignment surgery. You'll also have the opportunity to test your lung capacity and find out your 'hearing age'!

The night will accompanied by a live musical performance with songs inspired by life in the lab.

Above Photo by Gavin Whitner: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156466858@N02/45778776151/

Brass bands and health: a blow-by-blow account

Dr Michael Bonshor (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
Are there any health benefits to playing in a brass band? Or is it just a load of hot air? Dr Michael Bonshor gets down to brass tacks and explains how playing in a band can be a breath of fresh air. Brass banding can improve respiratory health and cardiac function, reduce stress, act as a safety valve for releasing emotions, and prevent us from getting too brassed off. Healthy living may start with blowing your own trumpet!

A closer look at eye alignment surgery

Gemma Arblaster (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health)
This talk will focus on eye misalignment (commonly know as a squint or strabismus) and will briefly describe the corrective surgery that can be performed to move the eyes into a straighter position. Come and find out about research exploring the outcomes from eye alignment surgery, which has been designed to incorporate what patients feel is important to them.

Structure 2 function: Science, (antimicrobial) drugs and Rock'n'roll

Dr Julien Bergeron (MBB)
Julien Bergeron is a Lecturer in the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Sheffield by day, and his group uses advanced Electron microscopes to study how bacteria cause infections and become resistant to antibiotics. By night, he is a singer/guitarist in the band Structure 2 function, playing a blend of indie rock and folk, heavily inspired by his academic research (and with a tongue firmly in cheek). For Pint of Science, he will be talking about his research, the joys and pains of academia, punctuated by songs from his band.
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