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Stellar Odyssey - Exploring Neutron Stars, Galaxies, and the Cosmos

This event takes place in the basement. There is an elevator for accessibility and bathrooms on the same level as the event space. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7pm to 9pm
August House, 43 Mitchell Street,
Glasgow G1 3LN
Come expand your horizons and marvel at the beauty and complexity of the cosmos as we delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, from distant galaxies to the intricate dance of celestial bodies. Discover the wonders of black holes, supernovae, and the origins of the universe itself.

Neutron Stars: The Crusty Lghthouses of the Universe

Jessica Irwin (PhD Student, University of Glasgow)
Can you imagine a star the size of Glasgow but with the mass of the Sun? Imagine this star was spinning hundreds of times a second and sending flashes of radiation towards Earth. How are these stars formed? How can we find them? What secrets do they hold about the most extreme environments in the universe?

Making Galaxies with Generative AI

Thomas Wallace (PhD Student, University of Glasgow)
AI generated images are playing an increasingly valuable role in so many aspects of modern life from medicine, galaxies, and even making photos of dogs. In this talk we'll give a brief overview of Generative Adversarial Network models, their variations, and benefits. But is this worth the risks that generative AI plays in the world of disinformation?

Sirens of the Cosmos: The Hubble Tension and Gravitational Waves

Alex Papadopoulos (PhD Student, University of Glasgow)
What do we know about one of the greatest problems in cosmology today? How can we try and solve it with a new and evolving brand of astrophysics? What can the Sirens of the Cosmos tells us about both the past and the future of the universe?
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