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The Body and the Environment

Takes place on first floor, has step free access
Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 7 pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Theatre in the Mill, Off Shearbridge Road, University of Bradford,
Bradford BD7 1DP
We will be exploring the world of blood vessels and the environment. Come learn about how blood vessels work and novel approaches to removing harmful pesticides from the environment.

Blood vessels: Ageing, disease and repair

Dr Kirsten Riches-Suman (Associate Professor)
Our blood vessels are amazing and work hard each day to ensure every part of our body has the blood supply and energy it needs to work properly. However, just like us, our blood vessels can get stiffer with age (or disease) and then they don't work quite so well. Join Kirsten and their team to learn more about the way our blood vessels work, what can go wrong, and what we are researching to try and fix any problems and improve patient treatments.

Is your drink pesticide free? A cleaner approach of delivering agrochemicals and saving the planet.

Dr Sanjit Nayak (Assistant Professor)
Pesticides are found in various concentrations in our drinking water across all continents, except Antarctica. This is due to heavy usage of pesticides to enhance crop production to meet global demand of food. However, the majority of pesticides ends up in environment and ground water. This is the time to reflect on this and act on to change the way how the pesticides are applied. Please come along to learn more about a novel approach we are working to address this global problem in CCESH (Coordination Chemistry for Energy, Sustainability and Health) Group at University of Bradford.
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