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The future of health

Situated in the Twisted Barrel. The venue is on the ground floor and has only one level. There are wheelchair/ disabled access and toilets (including disabled).
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm-10pm
Twisted Barrel, Unit 11, FarGo Village,
Coventry & Warwickshire CV1 5ED
The human body is a great piece of kit capable of some extraordinary exploits - but what could the future hold for us as we find out even more about our amazing bodies? Join us for a pint as we delve into four fascinating talks about the latest health research.  Get tips on getting a great nights sleep, discuss the ethics of synthetic gene editing, find out how film narratives are being used to teach physiotherapy students about alternative views of illness and trauma, and understand what on earth a trophoblast is.   

Illness stories to teach empathy - does it work?

Dr Andrew King (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Coventry University)
We all love stories. When we go to a therapist we want them to understand where we are and listen with empathy to our own story. But how do therapists learn that? Is it possible to measure ‘empathy’? Andrew uses published illness narratives, in books and films, to expose physiotherapy students to alternative views of illness and trauma. Now he is trying to investigate whether you can measure the effectiveness of such an approach.

Invasion of the trophoblasts: maintaining pregnancy

Dr Andrew Nelson (School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick)
Growth and survival of the developing foetus within the uterus depends on the placenta, a highly complex organ consisting of both maternal tissue and foetal cells called “trophoblasts”. Interactions between trophoblasts and maternal tissues control processes critical for a successful pregnancy, such as establishing an adequate blood supply to the foetus and preventing rejection. Andrew will discuss his research focused on understanding how trophoblasts invade and survive within uterine tissue to remodel maternal vasculature, enhancing blood supply to support foetal development.

Synthetic Biology – who draws the line?

Dr Corinne Hanlon (School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick)
The field of synthetic biology is moving faster than ever, mainly thanks to developments in scientific techniques such as CRISPR (a method of gene editing). But what are the ethical implications of these developments? What questions should we be asking ourselves? And are the public as informed as they should be? For example did you know there are plans afoot at Harvard to produce a woolly mammoth/ elephant hybrid with this technology? Join Corinne to hear more about what’s being done, what’s being proposed, and what could one day be your future.

Sleep, health and society

Dr Michelle Miller (Warwick Medical School)
Have you ever wondered what is sleep? How do we know when to sleep? How much sleep do we need? In this talk Michelle will explore these questions and more. You'll hear about the implications of changes in society upon sleep patterns, the concept of sleep loss and sleep debt, and the potential implications of sleep disturbances (both quality and quantity) for both our society and also for individuals. For example did you know sleep loss may be a possible causative factor for disease development? Join us for a fascinating talk and some all important tips for a good night's sleep!
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