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The human equation: justice and compassion

The Lending room, unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, and subsequently does not have an accessible toilet, there is an accessible toilet for all in the main pub.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7-9 pm
The Lending Room , 229 Woodhouse Ln,
Leeds LS2 3AP
Sold Out!
What makes us human? It’s a question that burns in the minds of scientists and psychologists alike. Join us as we try to answer it from a psychological perspective- we’ll hear about the complexities of human behaviour and why some turn to crime, explore strategies for personal growth and attempt to determine where our brain ends and our mind begins; is not knowing what makes us human?

This event is 18+

Inside the Criminal Mind

Dr Samantha Walkden (Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology at Leeds Trinity University )
People often ask “is it like Criminal Minds?” when I say I’m a Forensic Psychology researcher. Mostly, it’s not… Forensic Psychology involves applying psychological theories, principles, and research to understand offending behaviour. I will share my views on the relationship between human behaviour, crime, and criminal justice, gained working in Forensic Mental Health services and as an academic researching public perceptions of offending behaviour. You’ll leave with an insight into Forensic Psychology, the lives of criminal justice involved people, and the complexities of human behaviour.

Self-compassion is good for your health

Jinyi Liu (PhD Student )
What is self-compassion? You might think the answer is simple - it’s compassion directed inwards, understanding that part of being human is that we mess up sometimes. But did you know that self-compassion can actually have a positive impact on your health? I will discuss my research into wellness outcomes associated with being kind to yourself, including decreased depression, increased stress coping and the promotion of healthy behaviours. Come and join us as we learn why we should probably all be a little less harsh on ourselves, it's actually good for you!

A local history of the brain

Dr Micheal Finn (Lecturer in History of Science, University of Leeds)
The history of neuroscience is as complex and intriguing as its subject matter, the brain. In this talk we’ll explore a peculiarly British side of the story from 150 years ago, and see the significant role that Yorkshire scientists played in separating the physical brain from the immaterial mind whilst also laying the foundations for modern neuroimaging. It's a history that shows what the early ​development of neuroscience owes to forgotten Victorian asylums, the pseudo-science of phrenology, and the fearful visions of Gothic fiction writers.
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