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Treasure or Trash?

Please note: Events will be held on the ground floor and are 18years+. Step free access is also available - please ask a steward for assistance.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors: 6:30PM
Event: 7:00PM-9:30PM
The Barley Mow, 39 Castle Road,
Portsmouth PO5 3DE
Sold Out!
We will discover some incredible facts about Legionella, Chernobyl and gold! Join us for a fascinating night that will dispel myths about the nuclear disaster, uncover the ways that gold is formed and explain how bacteria in our water is affecting more than just our health.

Flushing the problem away?

Christina Scott (Senior Technician, Biological Sciences)
Legionella is a freshwater bacterium found almost everywhere in the environment. It has used its opportunistic nature to proliferate in the water systems of the built environment. This talk will look at potential consequences of flushing the water away, eventually to the sea.

Chernobyl - Science, Society... and Vodka!

Professor Jim Smith (Professor in Environmental Science)
Based on his extensive experience of working on the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident, Prof. Jim Smith will discuss the health and environmental risks of radioactivity and how the media influence our perception of these risks. Myths surrounding the health consequences of Chernobyl have contributed to ongoing problems in recovery of affected populations. You will also discover his work in Ukraine to address these issues and the ATOMIK project which is producing premium spirits from radioactively "contaminated" areas.

All that glitters: exploring for gold in the Yukon

Dr Catherine Mottram (Senior Lecturer, Geology)
In 1896 gold was first discovered in the remote northwest corner of Canada sparking the Klondike Gold Rush. Since the first discovery of gold sparkling in the wilds of the Yukon, geologists have been exploring where it came from and what has happened over millions of years to concentrate metal in rocks. This talk will explore the geological processes that form gold and explain why gold is still as important to us today as it was over a hundred years ago when people rushed north in search of this precious metal.

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