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Unlocking & Decoding Life

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access, apologies.
Past event - 2020
08 Sep Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Coachmaker's Arms, 9 St Stephens Rd,
Norwich NR1 3SP
DNA is the “molecule of life”, the instructions on how to make humans, the basis of all life on earth. Unravel the secrets that DNA holds by exploring its rule-breaking behaviour and mysterious shapes. Venture into a world where science fiction becomes a reality as we exploit DNA as a designer material and DNA becomes more than a recipe for organisms!

The Language of Life: Unravelling DNA’s Mysterious Structures

Summer Rosonovski (PhD Researcher at University of East Anglia)
With 6,500 different spoken languages it’s easy to forget there is one language we all share, not just between humans but all organisms on Earth. This universal language codes for life and is known as DNA, frequently shown as a twisted ladder. In this talk, researcher Summer Rosonovski will explore the fascinating structures DNA is capable of forming and their potential involvement in genetic diseases such as cancer.

DNA – More than the Molecule of Life

Dr Zoё Waller (Associate Professor in Chemical Biology at University of East Anglia)
DNA is often referred to as the “molecule of life” but it can also be exploited as a designer material to make exciting new things. From devices that measure pH in live animals, gels to help medicines get into the body through to DNA-based computers; DNA is front and centre in our material world. This talk by Dr Zoё Waller will cover all the things you didn’t know DNA could do!