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What is 'human'?

Fully accessible
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7-9.39pm
Triple Point Brewery, 178 Shoreham Street,
Sheffield S1 4SQ
Sold Out!
In a world where advanced technology is transforming our bodies as well as the world we live in, what does is mean to be 'human'? Join us and learn about bionics, stem cell therapy and AI as we explore the frontiers of humanity.

Beyond our biology: the superpowered future of the human body

Dr Sam Pashneh-Tala (Materials Science and Engineering)
Comic book heroes and villains possess fantastical abilities beyond the natural human body, but are we about to enter a world where such powers are no longer bound to the realms of fiction? Tissue engineer Dr Sam Pashneh-Tala will discuss how science and engineering is potentially on the verge of transforming our bodies; through genetic modifications, new organs, bionic implants and even merging with other organisms; providing new, extraordinary abilities.

No alien origins, freak industrial accidents or radioactive spiders required.

Repairing joints with stem cells

Dr Aileen Crawford (Clinical Dentistry)
Dr Aileen Crawford and colleagues in Clinical Dentistry are developing a naturally dissolving medical device to repair and regenerate damaged cartilage in joints. Join Aileen and find out how this device utilises the body's stem cells to create new cartilage cells and regenerate the joint. The device is currently at the pre-clinical stage of development so Aileen will also explore the next steps in the process of developing a new medical treatment and when we can expect to see the device being used in patients.

Is ‘love’ an algorithm?

Professor Simon Goodwin (Physics and Astronomy)
Our emotions are part of what make us 'human'. Could a computer ever have emotions? If they could - would they be the same as ours? Could we ever begin to comprehend what a computer (or even octopus) thinks about the world?