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Where Science Meets Art

This show will take place on the ground floor.
Past event - 2022
12 May Event 5pm to 9pm
The Pipe Factory, 42 Bain St, Glasgow,
Glasgow G40 2LA
Sold Out!
This exhibition will allow attendees to come along and to see what can happen when Glasgow's incredibly talented artistic and scientific communities come together! In addition to experiencing the amazing art on display this year, you will also have an opportunity to meet the people behind the works (and be inspired!).

This Year's Artists

Dr Sofía Polcowñuk (Artist - UofG)
Federica Bianco (Artist)
Juda Milvidaite (Artist - UofG)
Kate Hilferty (Artist - GSofA)
Kathleen Crilly (Artist - GSofA)
Nadia Zhaya (Artist - GSofA)
Sally Jennings (Artist - GSofA)
Shi Xiao Rui (Artist)
Suzie McGhee (Artist - GSofA)

This Year's Scientists

Amy Shergold (Research Associate)
Bethan Langley (Scientist)
Dr Anna McGregor (Lecturer)
Dr Bjoern Seitz (Senior Lecturer)
Dr Drew Thomson (Lecturer)
Dr Giuseppe Callea (Research Accociate)
Dr Stephanie Rainey (Research Associate)
Lauren Hope (PhD Student)