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A bit of a mouthful!

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 9.30pm
Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Station,
Sheffield S1 2BP
Kissing, chatting, chewing, our mouths do a lot for us, and we’ve got some great scientists ready to mouth off. We’ll hear from Paul, who will tell us about how spit can help us understand cancer, Craig, who will fill us in on plasters for your mouth, and Magdalena, who will talk about what we’re putting in our mouths; obesity, is it all down to our generation? Join us for an evening of oral fixation.

+ demonstrations, games and hands-on activities for you to enjoy and prizes to be won!

Obesity in England: Birth Cohort, Aging and Environment

Dr Magdalena Opazo Breton (Researcher, health)
Obesity and overweight in England: Are we aging heavier? Is our increasing prevalence of obesity a sign of the times? Or is our generation to blame? We explore potential explanations for the increasing prevalence of obesity and explore how we can tackle England’s growing weight challenge.

Plasters for mouth ulcers - Sounds like a good idea

Professor Craig Murdoch (Researcher, clinical dentistry)
Recurrent ulcers in the mouth or other oral diseases are very common. They are often painful and can make everyday tasks like eating difficult, yet current treatment for these conditions is ineffective. This talk will highlight recent advances made at the University of Sheffield where plasters that stick to the wet surface of the mouth have been developed. These plasters not only cover ulcers but also deliver drugs to help them heal and may also be used to deliver other therapies in the future.

Spit it out! Listening to cancer’s conversations.

Dr Paul Hankinson (Researcher, clinical dentistry)
Cancer cells talk to each other. One way they speak is with tiny parcels called extracellular vesicles (EV). EVs are so small one hundred thousand could be lined up on one centimetre of a ruler. Like an address label on a parcel EVs have information on their surface. There is even more to see inside. We are intercepting these parcels in spit to find out what mouth cancers have to say. Hear about recent findings by a research team at the University of Sheffield and using EVs as potential tools for head and neck cancer diagnosis, screening and monitoring.
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