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Psychology, Social Science and Medical Education

Step-free access to the venue is possible for all events, however, there is no disabled toilet - apologies.
Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Arch Rivals, 4 Netherton Court,
Worcester WR1 3AU
Understanding how biological, psychological and social factors interact to shape physical and mental health is central to medical practice. Dr Béré Mahoney, Chartered Psychologist, and Dr Russell Peek, Paediatrician, demonstrate how and why the Three Counties Medical School (TCMS), University of Worcester, embeds, rather than adds-on, Psychology and Social Science in its medical training.  

'Well, I think I have an allergy because... ?': Psychology and the complex business of allergy self-identification

Dr Béré Mahoney (Principal Lecturer in Psychology and Social Science Lead, Three Counties Medical School)
According to health research there is a global allergy epidemic. Yet diagnosing allergy can be difficult and a number of individuals self-identify as having an allergy to one or more 'triggers' without having a medical diagnosis for their condition. Drawing on research lead by Dr Mahoney, working with colleagues at the University of Worcester and the University of Gloucestershire, will talk about how Psychology can help us understand some of the health challenges experienced by both individuals living with self-identified allergy, and healthcare professionals working with them.

Thriving under Pressure

Dr Russell Peek (Principal Lecturer in Medical Education, Three Counties Medical School)
Why do some people thrive in stressful situations while others falter?
This session will explore the psychophysiology of stress: how mind, body and environment interact to create the familiar sensations of being under pressure. Drawing on research into the experiences of doctors in training, we will explore relationships between uncertainty, stress, performance, and wellbeing. If people respond and perform differently in the same situation, are there strategies we can adopt to increase our chances of thriving under pressure?
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