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Cancer Cures & Quantum Leaps

Just one small step up into the room and an accessible bathroom on the same floor. This venue is 18+
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Crowd of Favours, 4-12 Harper St,
Leeds LS2 7EA
We will dive into the nano-revolution of cancer treatment and learn how tiny nanoparticle warriors can help combat cancer in our first talk, then shift gears to the future of computing with recently discovered topological materials that can conduct electricity with no resistance in our second talk. Picture credit: Marek Piwnicki

Nanoparticles: The Fascinating World of the Super Small

Isabelle Rogers (Postgraduate researcher, University of Leeds)
They’re too tiny to be seen under a microscope, but they have a thousand remarkable applications. From editing your cells to building miniature molecular computers, Nanoparticles are used by scientists in almost all technological fields. Today, Nanoparticles are revolutionising cancer therapy by transporting chemotherapy drugs straight to sick cells and eliminating harmful side effects. But how do we use Nanoparticles for treating diseases? And what makes them so versatile and unique?

Unlocking the Hidden Power of Topological Materials

Joel Burton (Postgraduate researcher, University of Leeds)
Metals conduct electricity, and insulators don't. Recently discovered topological materials can do both: with insulating interiors but conducting edges, they can conduct electricity perfectly, without resistance. Because of these properties, they have the potential to be used in next generation quantum computers but what are they, how are the surface properties created and what makes them so interesting? We will explore the science behind creating these materials in ultra-high vacuum systems, creating electronic devices out of them and cooling them to near absolute zero (-273⁰C).
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2024-05-15 Water: the way of life Crowd of Favours 4-12 Harper St, Leeds, LS2 7EA, United Kingdom
15 May
Sold Out!

Water: the way of life

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2024-05-13 From Fire to Fog: lava pools and clouds in space Crowd of Favours 4-12 Harper St, Leeds, LS2 7EA, United Kingdom