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From Fire to Fog: lava pools and clouds in space

Just one small step up into the room and an accessible bathroom on the same floor. This venue is 18+
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm.
Crowd of Favours, 4-12 Harper St,
Leeds LS2 7EA
We are going to take a deep dive into the fiery depths of space with our first talk about lava pools on molten planets to learn how they can be used to study planet formation. We are then taking a journey to Venus with our second talk to try and solve the 100-year-old mystery of its dark splotchy clouds. Picture credit: Brent Keane

Lava Worlds: The hottest place to be

Dr Richard Booth (Academic Fellow, University of Leeds)
In recent years a large number of exoplanets have been found that orbit so close to their star that their surfaces melt, producing lava pools. I'll discuss the surprising nature of these planets and the efforts to understand how we can use lava worlds to learn about how planets form and evolve.

Absorption on Venus: a 100-year-old mystery

Joanna Egan (Postgraduate researcher, University of Leeds)
When viewed under ultraviolet light, Venus, the second brightest object in the night sky, is revealed to be covered in dark, splotchy patches. Many possible causes of the dark patches have been proposed - from unusual chemicals, to materials from meteorites, to microscopic life - but almost 100 years after the absorption was first observed, the cause remains unknown. Using a combination of laboratory experiments and computer modelling to explore possible causes, we're one step closer to solving the mystery.
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