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Control Yourself! Managing Thoughts and Feelings

This event takes place in an accessible venue with step free access.
Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Garage, 14 Chapel Field North ,
Norwich NR2 1NY
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Do you sometimes feel like your self-control has been used up for the day? It is harder to manage your thoughts, actions and emotions on some days compared to others, and not everyone is equally good at it. Tonight, we will show how sleep (or lack of it) affects our functioning, and how studying where babies look can predict who will be better at self-control later in life.

Sleep on it and you’ll feel better in the morning!

Dr Jo Bower (Lecturer in Psychology at University of East Anglia)
Many of us have heard the phrase “Sleep on it and you’ll feel better in the morning”, but why is this the case? In this session we will explore the ways in which sleep helps us to manage our feelings and what happens to these processes if we don’t get enough sleep.

Look here! Babies’ gaze predicts later brain function

Eleanor Johns (Postgraduate Researcher at University of East Anglia)
We use executive function skills to control our thoughts, actions, and feelings; they allow us to plan and complete tasks, stay motivated, control emotions, and keep focused. They’re seen as the ‘root of success’. But how do we develop strong executive function skills? Where babies look can tell us! In this talk, I will discuss how we can study looking behaviours in babies to predict executive function skill in childhood.
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