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Frontiers of Medicine: Zebrafish, Brushing Your Teeth, and Shoe-Making Bacteria

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Station,
Sheffield S1 2BP
Join us for a fascinating evening exploring surprising solutions to illness. Learn how zebrafish are helping to fight drug-resistant infection, why your dentist doesn’t only care about your teeth, and how creative bacteria are developing crafts in both shoe-making and curing diabetes.

How to turn bacteria into shoes (and how that cures diabetes)

Jonathan Hinchliffe (Postgraduate research student, Materials Science & Engineering)
A lot of focus has been on using bacteria to break down plastics, but a relatively new field is using bacteria to make it! This talk will be on development and potential for biopolymers in the future including everything from shoes to artificial organs.

Brush Your Teeth To Save Your Heart

Antonia Cutts (Postgraduate research student, Clinical Dentistry)
My talk will cover how taking good care of your oral hygiene could actually have benefits for the health of your heart. When we discuss taking care of our teeth and gums, we don't initially think about our cardiovascular system - but periodontitis (gum disease) can cause issues elsewhere in our body. It's not just diet and exercise that are essential for cardio health. So next time you think about skipping out on brushing your teeth, think about your heart!

Resisting antimicrobial resistant infections

Dr Philip Elks (Researcher, Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease)
Antibiotics, drugs that we rely on to treat bacterial infections, are losing their ability to cure disease due to emerging drug-resistant bacterial strains. This means that deadly bacterial diseases, such as tuberculosis are on the rise and are becoming untreatable. This talk will outline alternative treatment possibilities, including boosting our immunity to infections during disease. I will outline the research we do in Sheffield using zebrafish to understand how our immunity works and to find new therapies against drug-resistant infection.

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