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Growing Through Imperfections

Fully accessible venue.
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors Open: 6.30pm
Start: 7pm
End: 9.30pm
Sheffield Tap, 1b, Sheffield Station,
Sheffield S1 2BP
Sold Out!
Bummed out about your imperfections? You shouldn't be! Come and learn how they helped you develop as a child and how changing your attitude towards them can help you grow in the future. This venue serves pies and bar snacks, and is fully accessible.

Developing a flexible mind: why making mistakes can be a good thing

Dr Emma Blakey (Department of Psychology)
If you have ever been around a young child, you will know they find it hard to think flexibly and it's often impossible to control their behaviour. Our research has shown that surprisingly, before children can become fully flexible, they actually make more mistakes as they develop. Come and find out more about flexible thinking, how we measure it, and learn why in development, making mistakes can be a good thing!

The power of being kind and loving your imperfections

Sandy Belle Rosales Cadena (PhD Student)
What would you tell your best friend if she comes to you feeling really bad because she put on a few pounds? Would you be critical and harsh? Or would you be tender and gentle? I bet you chose to be tender. Then why not treat yourself the same way? Come along, have a pint, and learn how you can benefit from treating yourself kindly and lovingly.

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