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Life's Little Architects: Your Microbiome Unravelled

This venue has step-free access upon request. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
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Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 10pm
Hetherington's Cafe Bar, 8 Pollard St,
Manchester M4 7AJ
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Our bodies are crawling with tiny organisms that dictate our health and well-being more than you would think. Come join us to hear experts in microbiology and immunology discuss the microbes found within our skin, gut and mouths and explore how they govern human health, aging and disease.

Your Microbiome or Mine?

Kelly Hayes (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)
The human species has evolved over hundreds and thousands of years to have a rich and varied gut bacteria (microbiome) that serves to help digest our food, synthesise vital vitamins, and maintain a healthy gut barrier, among a myriad of other functions. However, this microbiome does not just serve our needs, but also those of many parasitic infections. Trichuris muris is a gut-dwelling parasitic nematode that uses our own microbiome to permit hatching and its survival by forming its own microbiome from our bacteria, begging the question, your microbiome or mine??

Outside-in: External Contributors to Oral Biofilms

Jo Verran (Professor of Microbiology (Emeritus))
In the presentation, I will describe public engagement events used to raise awareness of biofilms generally (‘HandsOnBiofilm’), as well as more specific activities focused on oral health (‘Plaque attack!’), and on the consumption of fermented foods (‘Menus made by microbes’). I will then look at denture plaque as a particular and unique example of an oral biofilm, part of our body’s microbiome. These apparently diverse topics can be linked by considering how external factors such as public information and behaviour as well as exogenous microorganisms can affect parts of the human microbiome.

The Microbiome of the Skin: What it is, What it does for us, and What we do for it

Prof. Andrew McBain (Professor of Microbiology )
The skin harbours a commensal microbial community that differs in composition and activities depending on the body site. There is considerable interest in understanding the role of the microbiome in overall skin health and disease and in skin ageing. Microbiome-based interventions, such as probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics are emerging as strategies to modulate the skin microbiome and promote health. This presentation will explore the current understanding of the skin microbiome and will consider its potential as a therapeutic target for cosmetic and medical purposes.
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