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The science of ageing: Unveiling the Mysteries of Ageing and Longevity

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Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 9.30pm
The Lescar, 303 Sharrow Vale Rd,
Sheffield S11 8ZF
Sold Out!
Embark on an enlightening journey to decode healthy ageing and the secrets to a life well-lived. Tonight, we will hear Vanessa, Naomi and Alicja delve into the ongoing research on ageing, and Nikolas and Órlaith reveal the hidden factors of neurodegeneration.

+ demonstrations, games and hands-on activities for you to enjoy and prizes to be won!

Like a Fine Wine: The Science of Successful Ageing

Dr Vanessa Loaiza (Researcher, psychology)
Whether it’s physical frailty and disease, dementia and cognitive problems, or irritability and loneliness, we are inundated with images of doom and gloom in the golden years. In this talk, Dr Vanessa Loaiza will highlight the scientific research that shows the outlook of older age is not as glum as we are often led to believe. Find out more about how some aspects of life can get better with age and learn evidence-based tips for managing those that don’t.

Cracking the ageing code: discovering the science of ageing

Alicja Olejnik (PhD researcher, Neuroscience)
Dr Naomi Hartopp (Research Associate, Neuroscience)
Join us for a Jeopardy style quiz on getting older and what that actually means! Is age really just a number? What happens in your cells as you get older? You can probably name some of the “symptoms” of increasing age, but we as researchers are trying to understand what causes this at a cellular level. We will discuss how we and others are investigating ageing and testing ways to improve healthy ageing.

Neurodegeneration is hiding in plain ‘cyte’

Dr Órlaith O'Shaughnessy (Research Associate, neuroscience)
Nikolas Stefanidis (Student, neuroscience)
Órlaith and Nikolas discuss how they reveal the secrets of brain conditions that hide in plain sight! They will explore the different brain conditions studied at The University of Sheffield’s neuroscience institute (SITraN), what sets them apart and their common denominators. Join them to take a dive into the microscopic world and learn how scientists help preserve the beautiful mind.
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