Postdocs play a crucial role in the lab, balancing research, mentorship and being the glue that holds the lab together. The 18th-22nd September is National Postdoc Appreciation week (#NPAW2023), and the perfect time to give recognition for the significant contributions that postdocs make to research.

Proteintech has teamed up with Pint of Science to organise free events at universities across the UK to celebrate the achievements of postdoctoral researchers. Please note, these events are for staff and students at the institutions and not for the public.

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Direct links to individual events

Aberdeen (JHI)- Aberdeen (RGU) - Birmingham - Dundee (University of Dundee) - Dundee (JHI) - Edinburgh - Edinburgh (Institute of Genetics and Cancer) - Glasgow (University of Glasgow) - Glasgow (SII) - Glasgow (University of Strathclyde) - Glasgow (GCU) - Inverness (UHI) - Lanarkshire (UWS) - Liverpool - Leeds - Manchester - Newcastle - Nottingham QMC - Nottingham - London-Imperial - London-KCL - London-UCL Cancer Academy - London-UCL (IOO) - London-QMUL - St Andrews - Sheffield - Southampton


Box showing pen, bags and kit available for free

Claim your free Lab Starter Pack!

As a thank you for all the hard work postdocs do, Proteintech is offering free Lab Starter Packs. The pack includes:

  • 1 X 20ul Protein ladder sample (10-180kDA)
  • Benchtop Cooler
  • Tote bag
  • Western Blot guide
  • Pen

Claim your free Lab Starter Pack here